We are friends of Vires Animaliae,
You too?

Marieke Achterkamp
Great friend of the animals, and owner of various horses of Vires Animaliae. From the beginning, even when it was still called a hobby, Marieke took care of the animals in part. She has also given her help and support during move to Portugal.
Monique Ros

Founder of Vires Animaliae! She takes care of the animals and has the task of making the foundation grow and prosper.

Monique gives various training courses, coaching with horses and consultations that you can find on our site as a volunteer of vires Animaliae.

Bibiane Ros

Mental Health Coach, Board member and owner of various horses of Vires Animaliae.

Mental Health Coach as such depends on a thorough form of communication. For this she uses NLP, among other things. It is a method of altering awareness with the possibility of change to be set in motion.


Ivo Harleman

Great friend of the animals, and PR man behind the scenes of Vires Animaliae.

From the beginning Ivo has been ready to help our organization whereever possible!


Ivo has been transferred to the spirit world on December 25, 2017. We love to honor him, for his "his" help and friendship. Thank you Ivo, forever connected.

Ingrid Bongers (and her company) TamTam Azima: Girlfriend of Vires Animaliae. She has helped with the relocation in 2015 and is a great support for the shelter animals. Ingrid helps many people through bodywork, through various techniques and exercises such as Rebalancing and Primal Rebirth Therapy, whereby you can discover more about where the blockages come from and gain insight into what is causing you complaints. She also makes beautiful jewelry which you can also find on her site:


Paardenetc: Met www.paardenetc.nl

we want to make the search for services and products easier for the horse lover.
By bringing all they offer together into one place, so that it is easy to compare.
Knowledge and experience is shared in which welfare, awareness and respect for the horse are the focus.
Rates are low so that advertising is and remains feasible for everyone.

The proceeds from the advertisements make it possible to support charities, we will do our utmost to put Vires Animaliae in the limelight and to make a donation.

Signy Esmeyer

A great friend of the animals, who regularly comes to observe and help in Portugal.


Signy works with various oils which she applies to animals and people! Look at her site for more information!





Eva Groslot,

Horse coach and friend of the animals and sparring partner when it comes to horse welfare.

Eva is an independent woman and coaches people with her horses. She is also a musician and communication consultant.



Theo v Wijngaards

Owner and developer of "SuperFitHorse". Theo is a great friend of Vires Animaliae and also regularly visits. He is one of the directors of Vires Animaliae. With the Product SuperFitHorse w

e keep the horses in balance and are very happy with that. Theo also advises our organization on all feeding of the daycare horses.


If you want to know more about the product, look at our site at products or at the site below.



Marjolein van leeuwen

Marjolein is al jaren een grote vriend van Stichting Vires Animaliae en steunt ons op vele vlakken. 

Marjolein is opgeleid tot Klassiek Veterinair Homeopaat bij het VHCN te Lochem en helpt ons altijd met de dieren die ziek zijn of ondersteuning nodig hebben bij traumaverwerking. Wij zijn daar heel blij mee en ook met de goede resultaten. Wil je graag meer over haar weten en /of haar contacten, kijk dan op haar site. 


Piet en Alina Beerda: Great friends of Vires Animaliae, who helped to make sure the animals were brought to Portugal well and professionally. You cannot imagine a better transport. This passion of transport started when their own horses had to be transported one day. Piet and Alina as big animal lovers thought that it could be better and more loving. So born of passion, how beautiful can it be! For more information look at their site www.bevetra.nl







Hildegard Dijkgraaf:

Director of VHCN

The Veterinary Homeopathy College Netherlands (VHCN) trains to become a veterinary classical homeopath. What makes this program unique is that it is based on more than 35 years of knowledge and experience. The VHCN is an initiative of Hildegard Dijkgraaf, who, based on her experience as a classical homeopath for humans, made the translation to classical homeopathy for animals 35 years ago and has since successfully treated animals.

For more information, visit the VHCN website


Paard en Bed:

Get away with your own horse? For riders and drivers who would like to spend a weekend, midweek or longer with their horse, Paard en Bed has an range of accommodations where both are very welcome. Are you looking for a Bed & Breakfast, a holiday home, hotel, camping or a group accommodation?

On our website www.PaardenBed.nl you will find all kinds of options in the Netherlands, Belgium and the border region of Germany. So you know in advance that not only you sleep well, but your horse or pony too.

Have you been to a nice accommodation? Then don't forget to write a review on our site. In this way you help other horse lovers to make an informed choice.