Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls pay attention !!

here it is ... The one and only Giving Tuesday WinWin Christmas game for the rescue horses of Vires Animaliae 2020! The game you can do from 1st December to 22nd of December. 


GIVING TUESDAY December 1st  is a global day to give something away, an opportunity for people around the world to stand together in unity - to use their individual power of generosity to stay connected and to dare to share and to receive.

Which horse will win the delicious Christmas wheelbarrow?















This year we want to pamper the horses here at the Vires Animaliae foundation for Christmas!

One of our rescue horses can win this wonderful Christmas wheelbarrow filled with horse treats this year, and of course we make delicious vegetables/fruit baskets for the horses that didn’t make it to win the wheelbarrow.


The human winner of this game can Win a Consultation reading for animals, worth € 50,- and a package of beautiful set of 6 cards worth € 5,95 you can see to follow this link

Every other player who don't win, we have the comfort prize, they can come and pick up 2 big 30kg bags of horsepoo here in Nossa senhora de Machede, Portugal. Your garden will fruit forever, and on arrival we have coffee, tea and applepie ready for you. 

These prices may of course also be given away as a Christmas gift.


The horses are already raring like reindeer, they are looking forward to it!


Vires Animaliae has a particularly challenging year in terms of income this year, and we like to try to make up for that large financial loss in this way, and want to pamper the horses that live here a bit extra before the year ends!

The foundation has also missed many hands and money with which we could do maintenance and work as in previous years. Likewise, the plans to make life easier for the shelter animals, the land, and the Volunteers. Also to be able to make the school, where people learn from and with nature and the horses, more streamlined and more functional for the students. Our site contains the plans and activities

With this Christmas WinWin game we wish to overcome the financial challenges of 2020 together with you as participants.


Regular monthly donations as a remote adoptive parent are of course also very welcome, or a one-time donation without having to play along. You can make your donation without parttaking by clicking on the Spaarpaard - SavingsHorse at the right site above the form below.


The simple rules of the game: from December 1st till 22nd of December.

We put the names of 22 of our horses on notes written in a Santa hat… You can tune in which horse will win this Christmas wheelbarrow. You can use the form below to make your choice, and pay your choice of horse - horses names.


The draw of the winners will be, after a good shuffle on Dec 23rd.  With more than 3 winners we put the names of these winners also in the Santa hat, and after a very good shuffling, we will pick 3 winners.


We will announce the winners on this site, and on our Facebook page, and of course we will make nice images when the horses are at the Christmas brunch table!


You can play for

€ 5,-   for 1 horse name

€ 10,-for 3 names

€ 15 for 5 names

€ 25 for 8 names

€ 30 for 10 names

€ 40 for 13 names

€ 50 or more for all names

Names horses that are participating: Fleur, Peace, Ayla, Freedom, Happy lady, PrimaVera, Puck, Moon, Stream, Fullmoon, Douschka, Silencio, Alegre, Celeborn, Quin, Yendis, Snoopy, Star, Zilver, Djawé, Odin en Nevyn. 


All amounts can yield up to 150% tax benefit. Look through the calculation module on our site to see what your advantage is to donate before December 31st, this is for the people who are living in the Netherlands. 

So please play this WinWin Giving Tuesday Christmas game, and give this month of giving, to our shelter animals with a warm hand!


Share, tell or send to all your animal friends or consult interested parties about this WinWin GivingTuesday Game. Promotion helps to do some necessary and overdue maintenance and to have all the horses at the Christmas brunch table on December 25th!


Costs of feed, hay and necessary maintenance and wishes for now at a glance.

Bale of hay € 50, -

30 kg bags

Bag lutserne € 9, -

Bag of dried beet pulp € 13, -

Bag of dried alfarobe € 8, -

Bag supermix € 10, -

Vegetable / fruit buckets € 25, -

Per month for our shelter horses that is, € 331,- feed, and € 750,- hay = 15 bales from 450 kilo. 

And of course necessary maintenance and finishing of the shed € 5000, -

Many thanks for playing, donating, becoming a remote adoptive parent, and an unconditional Merry Christmas from all of us at Vires Animaliae!

Giving Tuesday WinWin Game
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