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Background information of Vires Animaliae founder

Monique has worked as an independent entrepreneur in the sports world for 27 years and as a teacher. In doing business she has largely followed her feelings. This was a unusual perception for many people in the beginning, and now the most natural thing in the world! From 2009 she also started working with the Non-profit organization Vires Animaliae, which resonates with her beliefs.




My guideline has always been nature and its animals. The Indian way of living is an example for me. Nature consists of arbitrariness, and there is no distinction between higher and lower forms of life.

My fascination for nature, its animals and the "associated harmony" draws me to spend my free time there as much as possible. Preferably together with my animals. By observing nature and animals, I realized early on that this harmony should also be possible in business life and certainly in daily life.The simplicity of nature sometimes makes it very complex for us humans. We humans have a rational mind, which makes us eager to rise above nature and animals.

This has a very disruptive effect on our natural ability to connect with nature.

From an early age I have been busy contemplating the question:


"Who do we people think we are?" In the positive sense.

Call it my spiritual path, my truth, my feeling, my empathy, and my natural sense,

and as man calls it, extrasensory perceptions. And like everyone else,

I have become wiser through trial and error.

I believe that humans are also just a species of animal,

as Darwin already suggested in his book the Origin of Species (1859).

Darwin's work also showed that man is not of a special higher order,

but is part of nature. As indicated, we have a rational mind whereas animals are 

more characterized by the sensitive.

My insight at the moment is that we are no longer completely 1 with our

sensitive part, "so often in our mind,".


By staying a lot in the mind, many things are cloudy, and so we have lost part of our clear ability over time. By take an example from the Native Indians, the lived in harmony with nature and the animals around them in the moment, on this timeline, and were therefore very clear in their being:

By that I mean the way of how the feel, thinking and the way in which the resite in there body as a human person.

Birth of Vires Animaliae.


Before starting taking care for mistreaded horses, I started looking for suitable training methods that could help me / us to make people, animals and nature work together, and to let them exist and live in their authentic selves. We think it is important for humans to view the fellow species with different eyes and to understand that: 'We are part of the animal world' and not 'the animals are part of our world'. In fact, it is better to say that we could all be in harmony together on this beautiful mother earth.


I would like to see my ability to communicate with animals confirmed

in our earthly existence. I knew from a young age that I could, but it was made

clear in my younger years I was a special child for humans, with a larg amount

of fantasy... Was it fantasy, or really an existence in my world here

on earth.

To give my communication with the animals an earthly existence, I did look

for people who could help me with that.

Among other things I went to Carolyn Resnick, in Escondito California;

I received intensive training from her, Coaching with horses,

and training with horses in a free environment.

I propagate her thought well, the WaterHole Rituals and Self-realisation

in activities, Translation for animals, coaching with horses and

Infinity training with horses.

Carolyn is a strong and loving woman with a lot of horse knowledge

in my opinion! Thanks Carolyn!

Just like the Native Americans, I am connected to the Great Spirit, which I have been calling the Public Library for a long time. I  have expressed the sensory and extrasensory in my trainings as one, and I carry that out in an earthly way, which did help people with themselves and their animals. So also two-way, and that is what makes the Vires Animalia organization and its animals and people so special.


Read more of what I have completed in my quest of many years, which you can partly read on our site !! My search never ends, I like to learn, and I also like new insights. I'm home, as Carolyn can say so beautifully!


Through this website we also like to lead the people we work with, to bring this non-profit organization for humans and animals to a higher goal !!

Thank you for all the support and trust you give us, "the animals and me", that means a lot